Huge boost For Martin Howley Memorial Harvest Stages Rally

Glenswillys Manus Kelly will take part in this year’s Matin Howley Memorial Harvest Stages Rally in Killybegs next month.

Kelly, who won the Joule Donegal International Rally this year, in a hired Subaru Impreza, from Melvyn Evans Motorsport, said he will hire the winning machinery yet again, for the October Event.

The only difference between his memorable win last June, and October’s outing, is that he will have someone else calling the pacenotes.

His Regular Navigator, Donall Barrett, has now taken a step back from Calling The Notes, after claiming the ultimate prize in Irish Rallying last June.

Kelly will have another winning partnership with him though.

Gareth Doherty will sit on with Kelly, and the winning partnership, goes back as far as 2005, when Kelly and Doherty won their class in the Donegal International Rally.

With over 120 entries in the Martin Howley Memorial event, it will be interesting to see how Manus gets on.