Killarney Clamping Down on ‘Boy Racers’


Hundreds of boy racers attracted to Killarney, Co Kerry, for the annual Rally of the Lakes over the public holiday weekend will come in for close Garda attention.

Extra gardaí will be on duty to ensure public order, traffic management and the prevention of dangerous manoeuvres on public roads.

Rally course clerk Dermot Healy, yesterday distanced the event from boy racers who he said are not part of it and cause havoc while it is taking place.

Sergeant Dermot O’Connell, Killarney, said there would be a

“significant increase in Garda vehicles, marked and unmarked, as well as roadblocks and patrols to address unruly behaviour on some main routes leading into the town”


Roads policing is being increased under Inspector Tony Sugrue, head of the traffic corps in Kerry, and there will be back-up from traffic corps units from Cork and Limerick.

The Garda regional support unit will be available if serious incidents arise. Mandatory alcohol testing checkpoints will be mounted, while Garda dog handlers will also be on public order and drugs duty.


Meanwhile, people living near Fitzgerald Stadium, Killarney, are angry over a decision to move last night’s viewing of cars participating in the rally from the bypass road to the stadium.

Independent councillor Donal Grady, who was approached by the residents on the issue, said such a residential area was totally unsuitable for the purpose.

“This is a built-up, residential area where many elderly people live and it’s totally unfair to impose all this noise and disturbance on them,”

he said.

Rally officials have told residents they will do their best to reduce noise and inconvenience to them.